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[ # ] William Shatner agrees to Carrie Fisher’s costume off!
November 29th, 2011 under Star Trek, Star Wars



For some reason over the last few months Star Trek’s William Shatner and Star Wars’ Carrie Fisher have been in a battle over which series is better and at one point Princes Leia asked to see Captain Kirk in his original costume. Well today he responded by saying he is willing to do it because he can, but his response to her getting back in to her famous gold bikini will get her to raise a light saber to him.
I hope this battle ends soon before someone tells Scotty to beam them up because there is no intelligent life in this duel.
When it comes to which is better, to be honest they are both the same to me. (A bunch of my friends disowned me for saying that) And when it comes to them getting back in the original costumes, is it wrong for me to want to The Shat back in those tight black pants?


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