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[ # ] Will Aiden get a life sentence on Life Sentence?
May 4th, 2018 under Lucy Hale, The CW

Last week on Life Sentence, Aiden (Jayson Blair) and Stella (Lucy Hale) were arrested and tonight at 9p on The CW he finds out his fate.

The Abbott family rallies together to help Aiden out of his mess while dealing with their own. Stella and Wes (Elliot Knight) are still trying to figure out where their relationship stands after she told Dr. Grant (Riley Smith) that he understands her better than her husband. When the couple winds up at the same bar that the doctor is playing with his band, everything comes to head. You’ll never believe what happens next?

Lizzie (Brooke Lyons) and Diego (Carlos PenaVega) have their own problems because the school wants to leave back one of the twins. They do not know what to do, so Diego is asking anyone and everyone what they think?

If that is not enough, things are not looking good for Aiden. And being sentenced to jail is not the worst thing that will happen to him tonight.

Did I mention Stella lost her job at the coffee shop because of the arrest? She is going to do everything in her power to get her job back, but the manager does not want to give it to her.

Tonight is not a good night for the Abbotts, but at least they still have each other. Or do they? You don’t want to miss another great episode of the heart-warming show you should be watching. Why aren’t you watching?


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