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April 17th, 2018 under Animals

Emme Thompson’s dad and his girlfriend were surprised to see their dog behind bars in a cop car and why he was there is arfocious.

According to Today, Emme’s dad and girlfriend took him out for a walk and Finn got away from them. Seems that the pup smelled a deer and being a dog, he did what dogs do. The puppy chased Bambi and some a$$hole called the cops on him. Turns out according to the bylaws it is illegal for a canine to chase a doe in Ontario. Thus, why he was taken away in the back seat of the squad car.

As soon as Finn’s parents saw him, they told the officer who set him free. Not only that, he let the pooch off with just a warning. I think by the looks of Finn’s sad face, he learned his lesson. From now on, he will only go after beavers. Can they do up there or is that crime too?


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