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[ # ] Why does Oprah Winfrey keep an octopus in her fridge?
March 18th, 2024 under Jimmy Kimmel, Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and he wanted to clear up some of the rumors about her.

He wanted to know things like will her dogs inherit $30 million and whether they will be able to piss on her grave, which will be under an oak tree on her Montecito property. The dogs are not getting that much money. As for the oak tree, it fell down during a storm, so she needs a new place to spend eternity.

If you think that is wild, wait until you hear what she bought Stevie Wonder as a present for singing at her 50th birthday party. She got the blind singer a Mercedes Maybach. Knowing him, he probably has driven it for fun.

And the strangest rumor that you would never believe is true is that she keeps an octopus in her fridge almost all of the time. Why? Her boyfriend Steadman loves to eat it for breakfast every day.

He doesn’t eat the octopus alone. He eats it with okra. So, Kimmel told Oprah, “He loves things that start with O.” And she laughed harder than I ever heard laugh!

Now, back to her answers. The rich definitely live differently than us.


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