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[ # ] Why can’t Kevin Hart stop laughing at Conan O’Brien!
March 7th, 2018 under Conan O'Brien, Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart was on Conan yesterday and he could not stop laughing at his friend who helped him out.

He asked the TBS host to film one of the episodes for his YouTube series What the Fit, where the two of them learn how to Sumo wrestle. As you know Sumo wrestlers do not wear shirts, so Hart got to see his very white friend topless. The comedian could not stop laughing at how white his chest is because he never saw anything that pale before in his life. He wanted everyone to see the blinding body he got to see, so he asked O’Brien to lift his shirt and show the audience. Once Conan did that, he completely lost it!

And with that, we will not see Hart on the show ever again according to Conan. Which is sad because they are just so funny together. They show Jerry Seinfeld who are the real comedians in cars drinking 40 are.

I know Conan was hurt, but I could not stop laughing with Hart! And then wait until you Hart get Sumo his on and the wrestler showing him he is no match to him. And Hart was not kidding, Conan is whiter than white.


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