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[ # ] Which Relative Race team will find out they’re related to Elvis Presley?
March 18th, 2018 under BYU TV, Elvis Presley

Last week on Relative Race, sisters Jamie Grace and Morgan Harper Nichols found themselves driving through a hurricane. Tonight at 9p on BYU TV, Troy and Nicole Hitt will find themselves in the middle of wildfires on their route to the new family member. Good thing they learned how to fight fires last week. Will they use that skill this week?

The episode starts off with the four teams getting in their cars to meet their newest family members and it is much smoother driving for all except Team Red driving through the wildfires. When they get to their destination, they pose with the city sign. But for one team, it is too much. They develop a cramp in their leg and that slows them down.

After they send their photos into home base, they are told what their challenge for their day is. They have to finish a puzzle of the face of a family member they are about to meet. Once the picture is complete, they are given a clue to where that person will be. Now they are off to be with their newest family member somewhere in the town.

Once they meet their family member, now it is time to get to know then. One team will find out they are related to Elvis Presley, think you know which team it is? Could it be musical Team Green, who already know they have white people in their family? What about Team Blue, the father and son, who came in to the race only knowing themselves as their family? What about Team Black’s Rebecca Hoyt, her father kept her family secret, is this why? And then there is Troy Hitt, who was adopted, is this a great family find?

At the end of the day, while it is a cool thing to tell people, it is even cooler for these teams to meet some more new family. Oh and not one, but two teams finish under their allotted times, a Relative Race first!

If you are not familiar with Relative Race, it is a mix of Amazing Race (in America) and Who Do You Think You Are. After 10 days, each team comes out of the game with 10 new family members they never knew they had. That is worth more than all the money in the world. Even though, there is a cash prize for the one winner.


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