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Relative Race is back for lucky 13
February 7th, 2024 under BYU TV. [ Comments: none ]

BYU picked up Relative Race for a 13th season. And today, they announced that the new season will premiere on St. Patrick’s Day.

Relative Race is my favorite competition series because it is all heart.

It is about four teams driving around the country, meeting relatives they have never met before.

Most of the contestants are adopted, so they are meeting siblings and their biological parents for the first time, along with other family members. If that doesn’t make you cry, you have no heart.

Plus, Dan Debenham is the most caring host on TV.

We need more wholesome television like this.

If you are looking for something to watch, you can binge the first 12 seasons on BYU TV for free.


Relative Race’s Dan Debenham gives a positive update on his cancer battle
October 15th, 2023 under BYU TV. [ Comments: none ]


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Last September, Relative Race’s Dan Debenham announced that he has been battling stage IV prostate cancer for almost a year. Yet, he continued to work on the BYU TV game show, which is about bringing families together through DNA.

Today, the beloved host gave an update on his cancer. “Actually, it was just this past Tuesday that I went in for a PET scan,” he said. “And we got the news that we had all been hoping for, praying for, and I want to share it with everybody. Because you have given me strength. And that is the doctors read the report and quote, ‘Patient shows a significant decrease in cancers throughout his body.'”

Then he added, “I believe in miracles, and they’re taking place. I believe I have a long future ahead of me. And it will always involve Relative Race.”

I will continue to pray his cancers continue to decrease and that he will be hosting Relative Race (my favorite reality show) for decades to come.

Relative Race airs Sundays at 8p ET/5p PT.


Relative Race returns on September 17th
August 16th, 2023 under BYU TV. [ Comments: none ]

There are so many Reality Shows on television these days, but very few of them are feel-good ones. The best one of them all is Relative Race, and today BYU TV announced that season 12 will debut on September 17th.

The competition series, which is hosted by Dan Debenham, has four teams racing to meet family members they never met, like possibly their parents and siblings.

So every episode leaves happy tears in your eyes because imagine finally meeting the family you always wanted to know. And then having them wanting to be in your life too. I am already getting emotional just thinking about it.

If you have never seen an episode, you can watch all of them on the BYU TV app for free.


Relative Race needs your ideas for season 12!
March 24th, 2023 under BYU TV. [ Comments: none ]

On Sunday, Relative Race’s 11th season is going to debut on BYU TV. But they have already moved on to planning for season 12.

Therefore, they are reaching out to the fans for ideas! They want to know what our suggestions are for a daily prize and what you think they should do for a daily penalty. So, if you have some thoughts for them (like I did), then click on this link.

And when you are done, make sure to watch the new season, which will make us cry a lot of happy tears as the contestants meet the family members they never knew about. Gd I love this show, and Dan Debenham, who is doing well with his new cancer treatment.


Relative Race’s Dan Debenham gives an update on his cancer
March 20th, 2023 under BYU TV. [ Comments: 1 ]

Last season at the beginning of Relative Race, Dan Debenham announced that he was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer earlier in the year and had just finished going through chemotherapy.

Since then, we haven’t gotten an update from the host about how he was doing.

Yesterday, he released a video, and he is looking great. His hair has grown back. But instead of having brown hair, he is now grey. He looks so good that BYU TV won’t let him dye it. And I agree with them.

That is how he is doing on the outside, but what about his cancer? “I finished my chemotherapy. Yet I am starting two new FDA-approved; it’s still clinically chemotherapy, but I don’t get really sick. And I don’t lose my hair. And it is really helping,” he said. “So I am feeling a lot better. And while I still have a long ways to go, I also have my Relative Race family, and that includes all of you…So I am good!”

And he wanted to let us know that he is feeling the love and prayers we have been sending his way.

Hopefully, these new treatments will help him beat cancer, and he will be hosting Relative Race for many more years.

On that note, season 11 debuts on Sunday. And you don’t want to miss the new season of the best reality show on television. You never know which family members the teams are going to meet and which ones are going to make you cry the hardest. There are always tears but happy tears.


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