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[ # ] Where is John Lennon’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star?
December 22nd, 2009 under The Beatles

Beatlestweet noticed that John Lennon’s star is missing from its spot on The Hollywood Walk of Fame and it was replaced by a black plastic bag. LAist speculates that it might be being replaced because of damage it has suffered since being placed there in 1988 or it could be because the HWoF is getting ready for the addition of fellow Beatles’ member Ringo Starr’s star. Some others speculate it might’ve been stolen, but let’s be real that is not an easy thing to steal. Although it has happened 4 times in the past, 3 of the times were during construction and only once was a star sawed out of its spot and that was Gregory Pecks. In order to prevent that they added surveillance camera to make sure it doesn’t happen again, but maybe they missed a spot? Either way it is a big mystery what happened to John Lennon’s star, but hopefully it will be solved soon.

UPDATE: Ana Martinez from The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce just Tweeted this update on the star, “Yes, as a gift to fans, we moved John Lennon’s star next to George Harrison’s and Ringo’s will be there soon 2. Just waiting for Paul now!” It would be nice to some day have the 4 Beatles reunited for an eternity on The Hollywood Walk of Fame…that is if Paul McCartney gets his star and as long that HWoF exists!


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