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[ # ] What was the Oscar audience thinking when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock?
March 28th, 2022 under Chris Rock, Oscars, Will Smith

Us lay people, who were not good enough to go to the Oscars, know what we were thinking when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock. But what were the people inside the Dolby Theatre thinking?

Juju shared what the people around him in the top row were thinking. “I was there, I saw it. It happened. And I can confirm that everyone, including myself, thought it was a joke. We thought it was a bit. I heard the sound. I heard the smack, and I thought, wow, that is a really cool sound effect. It sounded real. Then Will started yelling, and no we did not have the broadcast cut off because it was live. We heard eveything he said. There were many moments to walk it back, you know, to say it was a joke. But the fact that Will Smith said what he said twice. And if that wasn’t enough Chris Rock’s reaction to everything afterwards that kind of sealed the deal. That was when we knew it was real.” He said. “Then immediately chatting afterwards like what happens when he wins. It is literally the only thing that everyone is talking about right now. The only thing. It’s insane.”

So insane that in a second video, he said that they were talking about it in the bathroon during commercial breaks and at the post-parties.

It was the talk of Tinsle Town, and many towns in the world. So, it is not a good look for Hollywood. Therefore, I think that Smith should hold a press conference, apologize to Rock, the Academy, and movies fans for his actions. And then hand back his award, and say his actions make him ineligible for the honor. And then the Oscars should give the award to Andrew Garfield who deserved it for Tick Tick Boom and The Eyes of Tammy Faye.


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[ # 1266296 ] Comment from Leofarto DiCrapio [March 28, 2022, 6:34 pm]

The joke wasn’t funny. Will Smith shouldn’t have slapped Chris Rock. Academy should have probably escorted Will Smith out of the building.

Why should Will Smith apologize? Doesn’t look like anyone has told him what he did was wrong. Also, what does assault have to do with acting awards?

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