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September 10th, 2019 under Stephen King

Let’s be honest, Stephen King has caused us to lose sleep over at least one of his books. Whether it is Pennywise from It, the Dome in Under the Dome, Carrie or The Shining’s Johnny.

Therefore, you have to wonder what scares the horror novelist. Today, he revealed what it is on Good Morning America, and it is a lot like a character from his book The Dead Zone. He has sleepless nights over “the current political situation.” No explanation needed. Especially since President Greg Stillson is a lot like Donald Trump. It is as if he knew what was going to happen now when he wrote the book in the early ’80s. Spooky.

That is not the only thing that scares him. He is also afraid of elevators. He explained why, “You get into an elevator and you think, ‘there is a hole under there.'” Now, I am afraid of elevators too.

Even when he is not writing books, he still finds ways to terrifies us. Thus, if you get into an elevator with him make sure to jump up and down. Worst case scenario, you get stuck and he tells you a bedtime story. Can you think of anything more horrifying than King telling you one of his tales? I can’t.


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