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[ # ] Abby Lee Miller takes her first steps in public
September 10th, 2019 under Dance Moms

Back in April 2019, Abby Lee Miller was diagnosed with a cancer that ravaged her spine. After the surgery to remove the cancer and save her life, she was left unable to walk. Since then she has been going to physical therapy trying to regain her ability to walk again.

Today, almost a year and a half later, she got out of her chair and took her first steps in public on The Doctors. Anyone who knows anyone who has had issues with their spine like she has had knows how huge this. It is a slow process, so it is inspirational that she never gave up.

However, her doctor revealed that she has been late to get cancer followup screening done and he is a little worried for her because of that. During the remission period, they have a timeline when a person needs to get tested. She missed her last test because of work.

The day before the taping, she went and got tested. Minus one questionable node in her neck, which the doctor is not too worried about, she still appears to be in remission. Miller did not realize until that moment that her cancer could come back. The first year is the most important year with Burkitt lymphoma and remission. In 6 weeks, she will go back to get that node in her neck tested and make sure it is nothing. Hopefully, then she will find out she is still cancer-free.

The Doctors spent an hour with the Dance Moms teacher and she talked about everything that has gone on in her life over the last two years like prison, cancer and getting her life back.


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