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[ # ] What is this Wheel of Fortune’s player’s Achilles Heel?
April 12th, 2014 under Game Shows, Wheel of Fortune

It was College Week on Wheel of Fortune and it was not a good one for Julian from Indiana University. Even though the wheel was his friend, the board was anything but. First he failed to solve Mythological Hero Achilles, even though all the letters were on the board. How you ask? Because he mispronounced Achilles as Aa-chill-es.
It didn’t get any better for him because he continued to miss solving the puzzles; which was a good thing for Shelby, the contestant on his left, who was able to finish what he couldn’t.
Poor Julian, some are saying he was the worst player in the game show’s run, but I don’t think he was. If he kept spinning on to Bankrupt or Lose a Turn every round or guess J, X, Y or Z every time, then I would agree. Do you think he is the worst player ever on Wheel of Fortune?


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