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[ # ] Sex Sent Me to the ER is hot…literally!!!
April 12th, 2014 under Sex Sent Me to the ER

Tonight at 9p Sex Sent Me to the ER is back on TLC, and the show gives new meaning to burning love.
A man walks into a hospital and asks a doctor to give him some Viagra. When the doctor refuses, he leaves without an argument. A little while later he is brought back to the doctor by a woman because he’s having a seizure. Now the doctor has to figure out what is causing the man’s seizures (yes plural) and what the woman is hiding.
Another couple are drinking at a pool party and decide to have sex in the pool. When her toe ring gets stuck in the pump, everyone at the party finds out what they were doing in there. And that is not the most embarrassing encounter the woman has before the end of the episode.
Finally there is a couple that likes to spice up their sex lives by having one day a week where they can do whatever they want in the bedroom. This time, the woman decides to let her lover use the 5 lbs Gummy Bear he bought her on her. That means melting it, have him pour it on her and then lick it off. Only problem is the melted candy burns her chest and his mouth. How will they explain their situation when they get to the hospital?
If you are depressed because you are home alone on a Saturday night, then Sex Sent Me to the ER will make you feel better about it. If you are with someone tonight, then watch the show for some new ideas! Just don’t use melted Gummy Bears, you will find out why after you watch tonight’s episode.
I sincerely didn’t know how much I missed Sex Sent Me to the ER until I watched the season premiere, and now an my emptiness for this show has been fulfilled.


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