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December 23rd, 2021 under CBS, Ghosts

Tonight starting at 8:30p, CBS is going to air a 5-episode marathon of Ghosts, the #1 new comedy on broadcast TV, and rightfully so. The network let the viewers decide which shows they should air for Ghostmas. The audience has spoken, and we chose Pete’s Wife, Viking Funeral, D&D, Alberta’s Fan and Possession.

We did good with our choices, but does the cast agree with us? I recently attended the CBS Winter TCA Press Day, and I asked the cast what their favorite episodes are. What did they tell me?

Asher Grodman, who plays Trevor, the pantless businessman from the ’80s, said, “I’ll say this. But this is a sentimental thing. For me, the pilot is just very special, because it’s what brought us all together, and it was this thing that was kind of floating in the air that we just never were sure was going to come to fruition.” He added. “That’s a nice way for me to side—step your question. But it’s the pilot, because it was just like the —— it was the end of the tunnel.” Sadly, the pilot episode is not airing tonight. However, you can and should watch it on Paramount+ or CBS OnDemand.

While we won’t see that tonight, it is starting off with Pete’s Wife. Three cast members weighed in on that one. Utkarsh Ambudkar, who is Jay a living so he can’t see the Ghosts, said, “I like Pete. I like Pete’s episode.”

Viking Thorfinn, played by Devan Chandler Long, added, “Pete’s was the most emotional. I cried. That was touching. Román Zaragoza, the native American ghost Sasappis, chimed in with, “And Devan, we got to do some fun stuff in that one. That was a beautiful one.” Long concluded with, “Yeah, it was one.”

So what episode does Richie Moriarty, who plays Pete, prefer? He said, “I really liked D&D, too. I loved Brandon [Scott Jones] and Nigel’s storyline. I love John Hartman, who plays Nigel. I think he’s so good,” Then he shared another part of the game-changing episode. “And I love the opening up this opportunity to communicate more with Jay. Having us playing with Jay in that episode was a super fun kind of new window into a great side of things in this show. So that was an exciting episode, too.”

Three other actors talked about an episode that was not centered around them. Flower child Flower, played by Sheila Carrasco, said, “I was going to say, I loved watching Alberta’s Fan. It’s really fun, Danielle [Pinnock] do her thing and watching Rebecca [Wisocky] and Devan have their storyline. It was such a beautifully written, such a well-done episode.” Carrasco did not appear in it, so she wanted to let us know, “It was so cool to be able to watch it as just a fan of all of these amazing actors.”

Critics Choice Award nominee Brandon Scott Jones, who plays the Revolutionary War soldier Isaac, added, “I’ll say that the moment at the end of Alberta’s Fan where she goes, ‘Because I’m famous,’ lives in my head rent-free. And will even long after I’m dead. I will be buried with that in a loop in my coffin.”

Rebecca Wisocky,  who stars as Hetty, the Victorian owner of the mansion they all live in, pitched a future for her co-star by saying, “The flashback that we’re all dying to see is Alberta singing in that club back in the day. That’s our secret cast wish, for that to happen sooner rather than later.”

There was one more actor who added her thoughts. Rose McIver, who sees the Ghosts had a great answer, “I think the Season 2 premiere, when we get that one day, is going to be even stronger.” I kind of agree with her. I would’ve said the 10th season premiere because I don’t want this show going anywhere anytime soon.

To see why I and so many others love Ghosts, tune into the Ghostmas marathon tonight.


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