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[ # ] What if The Golden Girls was a horror movie?
July 15th, 2019 under Betty White, TV Land

The Golden Girls is one of the most loved comedies to ever have graced our television sets. What if Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia found themselves in a horror movie instead? That is what TV Land pondered.

Therefore, they took several scenes from the show’s 180 episodes and made it seem like they were in a scary film. It is so, well, scary how perfectly it works out. I almost forgot that we were watching scenes from a sitcom instead of a thriller. I wonder if they could do a full-length feature like that? Between the hurricane and the murder mystery episodes, they are halfway there. They can even throw George Clooney in from the stakeout episode to make money off of his name. And don’t forget the piano-playing chicken, there has to be a part for Count Bassie.

Hey TV Land, you have never done a telemovie, why not make this your first one?

BTW Rose totally did it.


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