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[ # ] What happens when a dog finally catches its tail?
April 22nd, 2019 under Animals

We have all seen a dog or a cat run around in circles trying to catch its tail, but have you ever seen one actually catch it? I did not think so.

Well, there is a woman, who not only saw her dog Max get his tail, but she also filmed it. What did he do once he did the impossible? He kept hold of it and walked out of the room with it still in his mouth. Since he is one of the few that has actually succeeded, no one ever taught him what to do when he actually did it.

Don’t you feel better, now that one of the many questions that seemed like it would never get solved has been solved? We can all rest a little easier tonight. Well, after we have a talk with our animals and tell them how dumb they can’t catch their tails like this dog.

BTW isn’t this the most arfdorable thing you have seen all year?


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