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[ # ] We need to stay inside to protect Henry Winkler!
May 8th, 2020 under Coronavirus, Henry Winkler

States are beginning to open up again, but that doesn’t mean it is safe to return to life as it was in 2019. There are a lot of reasons to avoid situations that could put us at risk, and protecting others who are more vulnerable to coronavirus is one of the top reasons. We need to make sure that people like Henry Winkler get all the tomorrows they deserve.

As Winkler says in this video for the California Governor, “The beauties of California, they’re all going be there once this is all over.” The flowers might still be there, but one of the nicest guys in Hollywood might not be if we don’t wear masks, wash our hands, and practice social distancing.

Remember when you were a kid and used to think people had cooties, pretend that they still do.

I will end this post with some wise words from the Fonz on Happy Days that are relevant for today’s world, “Sit on it!” If we do more of that at home today, we will be closer to going back to normal sooner rather than later.


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