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[ # ] We Are Family is a celebrity singing game show with a heartwarming twist!
January 3rd, 2024 under Anthony Anderson, Fox

Tonight at 9p on Fox, we are getting a singing competition which is unlike anything we have seen before.

We Are Family is hosted by Anthony Anderson and his Mama Doris, who steals the show. Why she doesn’t have her own show, I don’t know. But she is perfect for this one.

So, what is We Are Family about? Like I said, it is a singing competition. But the singers don’t win anything.

They are just there to perform as the studio audience tries to guess who their celebrity relative is.

There are three rounds in each game. During the first round, the family member sings one song solo as clues are shown behind them. Then, after the audience gives their guesses, they sing again with their famous relative, who is behind a sphere. More clues are shown on the screen to help the audience.

Now, it is time for the reveal! And we find out how many people got it right. Those who did get to share a $20,000 prize.

It is the same for the second round, but this time, they share a $30,000 prize.

The person who was the quickest to buzz in moves on to the final round, where they can win $75,000 if they guess correctly.

What makes the show so special is not only the Andersons but also the fact that the celebrities are doing this show to help their family member get some exposure. That’s right; they got to choose who they wanted to put front and center.

I love it when families help each other out. And this show makes that happen. Plus, we get to find out that some of these celebrities are actually good singers.

Who are these celebrities? They are actors, singers, comedians, and athletes. So it is nice to hear a different side of them.

We Are Family is The Masked Singer meets Claim to Fame with a lot of heart.

Therefore, it is the perfect show that you can watch with your whole family show. And the celebrities are famous enough that every generation can guess who they are.

Tune in tonight, and I promise this will become your newest addiction. We will all be talking about who they got, how good they were, and can you believe what Mama Doris said.

I have a feeling We Are Family is going to be around for a few more seasons because it is just that much fun!


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