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[ # ] Vince Neil was supposed to play the Inauguration
November 19th, 2016 under Donald Trump, Mötley Crüe

Yesterday, a story broke that Vince Neil was going to play the Inauguration. As soon as you accepted that fact, it was taken away from us. The singer was uninvited by the upcoming administration from performing on January 20th.
Today, Motley Crue’s headman Tweeted, “For those of you who don’t get it! I was invited several months ago to play. No one knew who was even going to be running for president. Now that Trump won, I was uninvited. So I am not playing. Case closed!”
I don’t get it. Trump seems more into his type of music than Hillary Clinton.
So what might’ve happened? Let’s see, he is doing Celebrity Apprentice this season. The first one without Trump as the head of the Boardroom. We know The Donald holds grudges. That and maybe President Elect had to make room for Scott Baio. That’s right, before you Millennial were even a thought in your parents’ heads, Chachi Arcola release an album. Don’t call it a comeback.
How do you feel about all of this? Who do you think will be playing at the Inauguration now? Who do you want to play it?


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