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[ # ] Undercover Boss takes a stroll down Freemont Street Experience tonight
January 14th, 2022 under CBS

Tonight at 8p on CBS, Andrew Simon, president and CEO, Fremont Street Experience, becomes an Undercover Boss and gets one of the most strenuous workouts any boss has ever gotten on the series.

The Freemont Experience is a six-block event in Downtown Las Vegas, and it attracts almost 25 million visitors every year. They were hit hard by the pandemic. Not only were there fewer people coming to Vegas, but they have a 100% turnover rate. That means for every person they hire, someone quits. Simon has to figure out why they can’t get anyone to stay, even with bonuses.

They say a boss should get his hands dirty, and that is exactly how Simon starts off his assignment. He travels with Emmie from the custodial team, and he gets a lesson about how difficult it is to keep the area clean, especially with outdated and broken-down equipment. He also gains insight into why people don’t stay at the job, and it is not only because of what they do.

His next task takes him above ground, where he learns how hard it is to operate their lighted canopy that has 50 million LED lights from Ronald, the Assistant Manager of the Maintenance Department. It is not a job for someone who is afraid of heights, and he learns that he is. It is a strenuous job, and there are things that can be done to make the job more efficient if they had the right tools. And as is the case with Emmie, he learns why people are quitting.

Finally, it is time for him to learn the ropes of Slotzilla, the five-block zip line. It was one of their biggest moneymakers before the pandemic, but now it is losing over a million dollars every other month. That is because they can’t get enough people to work the ride, so it closed for six days a week. He is going to be teamed up with Josephine, who will show him hard this job is on the body and how quick the turnaround has to be between guests. If the customer waits too long, then they can get their money back.

At the end of the day, he has a new appreciation for his employees and a better understanding of what he needs to do to get people to stay on the job. Hopefully, he learned from his three employees how much the company needs to improve for its workers so that they no longer have a 100% turnover rate.


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