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[ # ] Undateable’s Bianca Kajlich’s major f*ck up!!!
March 19th, 2015 under Bill Lawrence, Bloopers
On the season premiere of Undateable on Tuesday all Bianca Kajlich had to say was, “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Sometimes we are. One night stands are like fast food. Sure you feel guilty the next day, but sometimes you just need something cheap you can enjoy in your car,” but she had a problem with the one-liner. She forgot how it was suppose to end, so when she got to, “Sometimes you just need something to,” she ended it with “f*ck!” Too bad the show airs on NBC because her ending worked so much better than the one that was written for her. Not that the writers joke was bad, it was just that hers was an improvement.
If Kajlich was feeling bad about her mistake, to make matters worse, her male co-stars are all comedians so they were having a field day with it.
Once they were done giving her grief about the error, it was time to continue on with the taping and for some reason she had problem with the line again. I wonder why?
She wasn’t the only one who screwed up when they filmed the season premiere, so see what the other actors messed up during the taping.
And if you think the bloopers from Undateable are funny, the show is even funnier. So make sure to watch it every Tuesday at 9p on NBC.


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