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[ # ] Tyra Banks ate Shangela’s boob chicken
October 25th, 2022 under Dancing with the Stars, Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks finds a way to make herself the most memorable part of each Dancing with the Stars episode she hosts. Sometimes it is because she screws up a name or line. Other times it is because of the outfits or wigs that she wears.

Yesterday, it was because she ate a piece of fried chicken that came out of Shangela’s dress. That’s right.

Shangela’s mom told her to bring some chicken for the judges. The Drag Queen asked Len Goodman, “Were my legs crispy?” He complimented her gams, so she told him, “Good! Because I brought a piece of…My mama said, make sure I give you this crispy chicken to make sure my legs were just as crispy. Halleluja!”

Since he is British and they only fried fish, he put it down without taking a bite, which was rude.

And then Tyra asked her if she did her routine with a piece of chicken in her dress. That is when Shangela took out a second piece and gave it to the host.

Tyra offered it to the other judges, but they said no. So she took a big bite and said, “This is some good chicken!”

People were shocked that she ate it, but I say that I am happy she did. Because we need to respect the mamas out there. So I look at it as though she was respecting Mama Shangela!

Now, would I have done it? I probably would’ve done what Len did because, Ewwww! But, thankfully, Tyra is not me.


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