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Dean Norris is most of us around Christmas time!
December 6th, 2018 under Dean Norris, Under The Dome. [ Comments: none ]

Dean Norris might have played tough guys on Breaking Bad and Under the Dome, but he becomes completely defeated during this time of year. That moment when you go to get your Christmas lights down and realize they are all tangled up. Proof, those string lights can take down even the strongest of men.


Dean Norris’ reaction to Under the Dome’s cancellation is perfect!
August 31st, 2015 under Dean Norris, Under The Dome. [ Comments: none ]

CBS announced today that not only will the dome come down during the season finale of Under the Dome, the September 10th episode will also be the show’s final one. When Dean Norris heard the news, he Tweeted the above photo and said, “Hey Dean, your show just got cancelled. What r u going to do??…I’m going to Disneyland!”
Can’t say I blame his look of excitement, I had the same expression when I heard that show was being put out of my misery. The first season was great television with ratings shows in the fall look forward to, but the second and third seasons were just absurdly awful. Each week gets worse and worse, and yet I like the remaining few million viewers, who are still watching, are like why are we still watching. At least we don’t have to for much longer.
Now back to Norris, someone hire him ASAP. He is a true talent that needs to be on television as much as possible.


That’s one way for Dean Norris to get out from Under the Dome?
July 4th, 2015 under Dean Norris, Under The Dome. [ Comments: none ]

Dean Norris is getting ready for July 4th by stocking up on firework. Part of me thinks that is his way of celebrating the Fourth; but then the other part of me thinks he might be using them to destroy the Dome? Let’s be honest this season is absolutely awful, so no one can blame him for wanting out.


BTWF roles: Eddie Cahill on Sex and the City
July 2nd, 2015 under Before They Were Famous, Sex and the City, Under The Dome. [ Comments: none ]

Before Eddie Cahill had a secret on Under the Dome, he had one on Sex and the City. How cute was the 22 year old in that 2000 episode?


What we can expect from season 3 of Under the Dome
June 25th, 2015 under Dean Norris, Under The Dome. [ Comments: none ]

Under the Dome is back on CBS tonight at 9p with a two hour premiere and there will be some changes happening in Chester’s Mill. A few weeks, some of the cast and the Executive Producers previewed what is going to happen this season, and here is what stars Dean Norris and Marg Helgelberger, and EP’s Neal Bear and Tom Schlattman said about it.

What are we going to learn this season?
Bear: As you just saw on the sizzle reel, lots is happening Under The Dome in Chester’s Mill and we’re very excited about this season, because unlike the first two seasons where we had to get you sort of acclimated, we will tell you why the dome has come down and what it’s about.

We are going to learn why the Dome came down and what else?
Bear: One of the big mysteries we’re going to solve is in our timeline, a meteor with an egg inside of it was discovered in 1988 by four high school students, so why was there 25 years to pass before the dome came down? And what was in play 25 years ago that actually set all of that in motion that would send her (Helgenberg) character to Chester’s Mill to be there the day the dome came down? So that’s kind of the biggies that we’re going to address and you’re going to start to see how these pieces of the puzzle actually form a puzzle that may be a little bit different than what you thought it was going to be.

Is Big Jim going to be nice this season or will he be Big Jim?
Norris: He’s going to get nicer. Well, you know, he’s a complex character, so he goes through nice phases and tougher phases. But there’s definitely a change in the character of Big Jim this year. And you’ll have to kind of watch to see. But, you know, having lost his wife, that kind of does a little something to him. And he gets a little friend this year, who is a dog, and you kind of see a little bit of the heart of Big Jim come out in relation to that.

How are things going to be between Big Jim and his son, Junior?
Norris: He shot me at the end of the last season. So Big Jim didn’t take very kindly to that. But he’s still his son and he still has fatherly feelings for him. So it’s always been kind of a tension in the show, obviously Big Jim’s kind of love for his son versus the fact that his son has some issues.

Junior shot his dad, so who is Big Jim going to shoot?
Schlattman: That’s not the only thing he shoots, though, in episode one of the season (see the video above). So he still is Big Jim more so than ever. He shoots someone that you’re kind of shocked he would shoot.

And that is not the most surprising thing coming up this season?
Helgenberg: We (Norris and her) were in a birdcage together, a giant birdcage.

After last year’s season finale, I wasn’t sure if I would watch this season. But after hearing them promise that this season will be a refresh, I am willing to give the show another chance. Will you be watching?


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