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[ # ] Tonight’s The Middle is sweeter than all of the candy hearts combined!
February 13th, 2013 under The Middle

No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day, you are going to love The Middle on ABC tonight at 8p.
When Brick (Atticus Shaffer) finds the Valentine’s Day card that he made for his mother in the trash, he confronts her about it. Frankie (Patricia Heaton) comes up with several excuses why she did it, and then she tells her youngest son that she all of his homemade presents in a box and keep all of them. So ofcourse he asks to see it, only problem is there is no box. So now she has to come up with a box full of ugly gifts made with love.
While Frankie is regretting breaking up with all of Brick’s gifts, Axl (Charlie McDonald) is helping his classmates break up with their girlfriends before February 14th. Something that sounded like a good idea at first, but turns out to be a bad one.
While things are bad for the Hecks’ oldest son, their daughter has a date for the Valentine’s Dance. That’s right Sue (Eden Sher) is going with a boy to the dance! Can something so wonderful really happen for our Sue Heck?
And finally Mike (Neil Flynn) decides to send his wife a text for V-Day, but instead sends to someone at the job. Things will get real awkward, real fast!
Tonight’s episode is the perfect mix of love that comes along with the holiday and because of that you will have so much affection for it! I have already watched it more times than I can count because I adore it so much. I have such fondness for tonight’s The Middle, I made it my Valentine!
And word to the wise if you are going to DVR this episode, make sure to add an extra two minutes to make sure you get the must see ending. There is one moment that you have been waiting ages to see and another that will make you laugh so hard, you will spit out your Valentine’s Candy!
Finally below is a Valentine’s Day gift like the one that Brick made for him mom, but it was made for me! I was so verklempt when I opened up the package and saw it is was for me. That unlike Frankie, I cherished it so much that is hanging up on my fridge and I didn’t throw it out. Thank you Brick!!!


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