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[ # ] Tonight’s season premiere of Haven is of Biblical proportions!
July 15th, 2011 under Syfy

Haven is finally back on Syfy at 10p and after last season’s shocking finale. The second season premiere picks up exactly where it left off with that other woman claiming she is Audrey Parker. Is she really Audrey Parker or is the woman we got to know last season the real one?
As soon as the new Audrey comes town, strange things of Biblical proportions start to happen. Things like to the 10 Great Plagues of Egypt. Will they be able to find out who is the Troubled one causing the plagues before the first born sons (including Nathan) die or will Haven lose a lot of his its male population!
The new Audrey is not the only stranger to come to town, because there is someone else who came to Haven who has ties to one of the residents and what her secret is will leave you with your mouth open. But it won’t be as wide open as a shocking reveal that comes at the end of the show.
Let’s just say this season of Haven is going to keep you guessing with shocking reveal after shocking reveal and in between it all they are going to help the Troubled.
I am so happy that the show starring Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour is finally back on the air because it is the perfect mix of Syfy and soap opera; and who doesn’t want that on a Friday night. Seriously it is an enjoyable unpredictable show and there are not many procedurals on the air today that can say that.
So whether you have been watching Haven since the first season or the second season premiere will be your introduction to the show, make sure to watch it tonight and every Friday on Syfy at 10p. I promise you won’t be troubled by how good it is!


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