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[ # ] Tonight’s Quantum Leap is out of this world
September 26th, 2022 under NBC, Quantum Leap

Tonight at 10p on NBC, Quantum Leap goes where few have gone before, outer space.

Ben Song (Raymond Lee) finds himself on the Space Shuttle Atlantis, which is in the process of launching on its mission. He is there to save the astronaut whose body he leaped into. Addison (Caitlin Basset) tells him that he originally died during a space walk, so what happens when he goes out to do it? He saves the man whose body he is in but sets off something so much worse.

While that is going on up there and back then, down here on Earth, Magic (Ernie Hudson) visits someone from the past, as in someone who was in the original series and played by the same person. Can you guess who? You will want to tune in to find out.

The series is still setting up who everyone is and why Ben Lee decided to go back in time without telling anyone. So I think we have to stick with it because they are still finding its way. It will take a little time because it is hard to differentiate itself from the original, even though it will constantly be compared to it. I know I am doing it. And I have to remember this is a different show.

So let’s give it a chance because it is a good show when you accept that it is its own series.


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