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Quantum Leap has had its last leap
April 5th, 2024 under Quantum Leap. [ Comments: none ]

NBC has decided not to renew Quantum Leap, the sequel to the 1989 series with the same name.

I can’t say I am fully surprised by the news. The second season finale ended in a way that felt like the perfect ending: lovers Ben (Raymond Lee) and Addison (Caitlin Bassett) were reunited in time. Together, the two of them will continue to right the wrongs of the past.

Am I sad the time-traveling show is ending? I am! It definitely found its voice in the second season, one that made me want to tune in.


Quantum Leap is on the story tonight
February 13th, 2024 under Quantum Leap. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 10p on NBC, Ben (Raymond Lee) travels back to the early ’80s on Quantum Leap.

This time, he is a news producer at a small local TV news station with Connie Davis (Nadine Ellis), a hotshot reporter who worked in New York.

Connie suddenly left her investigative news job there, and no one knows why she did. Ben is going to need those skills because a source told him about a huge story that is about to go down.

He asks for her help, but she is reluctant to give it to him. So, he is working on his own, and that is a dangerous thing because people are out to have him killed for knowing what he knows.

Will Connie be able to get over whatever she needs to get over to help Ben and break this career-saving story?

She is not the only one who needs to save her career. So does Ian (Mason Alexander Park). Tom needs to investigate how Ian got his hand on that chip and what they have done with it. When he is done with his investigation, someone will no longer be employed at the Quantum Leap. Who are we going to say goodbye tonight?

You are going to have to tune in for an episode that is suspenseful in two different eras.

Just when you think you know what is going to happen next, they put in a twist that will throw you off the trail. But they will never make you want to change the channel.


Tonight’s Quantum Leap is a real treasure
February 6th, 2024 under Quantum Leap. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 10p on NBC, Quantum Leap delivers one of its best episodes.

I have made it no secret that I love Quantum Leap, but tonight’s episode is really special.

Ben (Raymond Lee) is transported back to 1953 to “his” father’s will reading for him and “his” two sisters. Dean (Wilder Yari) and Sarah (Hollie Bahar) do not get along. And what they get in the will won’t make things any better between them.

Just as they are about to leave, Ben’s inheritance falls to the floor and breaks, revealing part of a map. Their father was an adventurer, and he is going to send his three daughters on an adventure to find a treasure he was unsuccessful in finding on his attempt in Mexico.

They will have to work together to find it. But how can they do that when they don’t get along? Ben is going to do what he can to get them to be a family again. However, that is not going to be easy.

If that is not enough, there are people who are willing to kill them to get that map.

Ben has a lot to do on this leap. Can he do it?

And then there is Addison (Caitlin Bassett). She is hiding something from him. What is it?

You are going to have to tune in for an episode that is full of love and adventure.

Oh, and did I mention that something happens during the present at the end of the episode that is going to shape the rest of this season’s episodes?


Quantum Leap is back, but where is Ben?
January 30th, 2024 under Quantum Leap. [ Comments: none ]

Quantum Leap is back on NBC tonight at 10p, and Ben (Raymond Lee) jumps into a bounty hunter.

His bounty will do anything to get free, but Ben is smarter than him. Or so he thinks. When both of their lives are put in danger, they realize they will have to work together. How will that work out?

Along with hunting this man, Ben tries to find Hannah (Eliza Taylor), but he can’t find her. There is a good reason why he can’t, not for him, but for her.

And then there is Addison (Caitlin Bassett). How is she going to handle knowing there might be a way to bring Ben back to the present?

All of this leads to an ending that will make you want to know what is going to happen next week on the series.


Quantum Leap moves to Tuesdays
January 13th, 2024 under Quantum Leap. [ Comments: none ]

When NBC announced its midseason lineup, Quantum Leap was missing from the schedule. But now we know when the final five episodes of season 2 will air.

The first new episode will air on January 30th at 10p. The remaining episodes will play out on Tuesdays until the two-hour season finale on February 20th.

Hopefully, NBC will pick it up for a third season because the second one has been really good. If you haven’t missed it, you can watch it on Peacock.


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