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[ # ] Things got catty at the LA Dodgers/Colorado Rockies game
April 3rd, 2021 under Animals, Sports figures

Yesterday was opening day for Major League Baseball at Coors Field for The Rockies, and everything was great going into the 7th inning stretch. But then things got interesting when there was an extra player on the field. Well, not a player, but a cat.

The beautiful grey kitty ran faster than an outfielder, trying to catch a line drive before it is out of there. On that note, why didn’t the outfielders try to capture the feline? Instead, they let a ball gal do it. Proving it takes a woman to do a man’s job.

No word what happened to feline yet, but I hope they make it their mascot.

UPDATE: To see how the kitty got on the field, then

Thank you to Dave Bev for sharing because that is even better than the video of the cat on the field.



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