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[ # ] The Wonder Years celebrates the Summer of ’69
June 14th, 2023 under ABC, Dulé Hill

The Wonder Years, one of last season’s best new shows, is finally back on ABC tonight at 9p. And the second season is just as darling, informative, and funny as the first.

The Williams are an African-American Alabaman family, who are stuck in the wholesomeness of the way the times were, but also wanting to experience the exciting changes that are happening all around them.

It is the Summer of ’69, and we are going to the moon. Woodstock is going to change the music scene forever. And Stonewall is going to finally open the closet and allow people to come out!

For the Williams, it means they will be in two different states. Not because there are problems in their marriage but because Dean (Dulé Hill) has the chance to write a song for Marvin Gaye. So he and his son, Dean (Elisha Williams), are in NYC, living the dream.

However, not everything is going as they planned. Big Dean is having writer’s block, and his son hasn’t made a single friend. But that is all going to change when they meet one of their neighbors. He is going to open them to a whole new world, and that is going to make their summer something to remember.

They are not the only ones having a memorable summer; so are his wife, Lillian (Saycon Sengbloh), and their daughter, Kim (Laura Kariuki). Lillian’s sister, Jackie (Phoebe Robinson), comes for a visit, and she takes them for a ride they will never forget.

Jackie is a free spirit, unlike her sister, and because of that, the kids love her. However, Lillian wants her to tame her ways. And she is going to do that in the second episode that airs at 9:30p.

Lillian takes Jackie and her family to church, and she quickly regrets it. But not as much as when she gets a sister a job at her company. Can the wild sister finally be tamed?

And she is not the only one being wild. Little Dean and Keisa (Milan Ray) are sneaking around because she is dating his friend. Who will Keisa choose?

A lot of things happened during the Summer of ’69, both directly and indirectly, to the Williams family. And I can’t wait to watch how the rest of the year plays out for them.

I grew up watching the original Wonder Years, and I loved it. But this one is even better. So I don’t understand why ABC didn’t just hold it for the Fall instead of being all reality. I think the show deserves better than it’s gotten.

So help it find a new audience because this show deserves to stick around. It has a cast that feels like a family and writing that draws you in and keeps you wanting more! We get to experience the era that took us out of the dark ages and ushered in a light we so desperately needed. The Wonder Years does this by telling stories of how one family who is stuck in the middle is going to live in a world that is trapped in the past and welcoming of the future at the same time. Give into the scary change, or stay where it is safe. That is for them to show us. And we are here to watch them experience it all.


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