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[ # ] The WGA strikers outside where Kimmel and Leno were taping
January 2nd, 2008 under Jimmy Kimmel, WGA Strike

Kimmel Leno strikers

So I figured I would drive by where Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno tape to see what the striking situation was and share with you what I saw.
As you can see by the first part of the video, no one was striking outside Jimmy Kimmel’s on Hollywood Blvd at 4:30p pst. Which is a good thing because you know I don’t like when anyone mess with Kimmel. (Secret, I almost tried to see if I could get in to today’s taping but I was too lazy to go in to the lot and see if Guillermo was actually working it and would let me get away with not paying the $10 fee to park.)
Then after Kimmel’s I drove over to where Jay Leno tapes in Burbank and as you can see that is a whole different situation at 4:45p. The second part, I think is actually Ellen Degeneres’ entrance and the third part is Jay Leno’s. Because it was 4:45p all the guests were inside, so you couldn’t see what that was like. On normal taping days there is normally a line of people waiting to get in that is larger than all the people that were out there striking.
Yes I know it is not that exciting and the video is way too fast and wobbly, but seriously it is hard to drive and film at the same time.


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