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[ # ] The things that Tiffany Haddish likes to eat makes my stomach turn
February 19th, 2020 under Tiffany Haddish

I love to eat weird combos of food, and I have met my match with Tiffany Haddish. She told Harper’s Bazaar what she likes to eat, and even I was like hell no.

The comedian was so excited to tell them what her favorite snack is. She loves herself some dill pickles, and she adds a little something extra to them. Haddish takes a bite out of one and then sticks a Now Later, Jolly Rancher, or a peppermint candy inside. I think that sounds repugnant, but she says, “When I tell you, delicious flavors to savor. So damn good.”

I will take her words for it. If that is not working for you, the actress also suggests dipping it in some Kool-Aid powder. Even Jim Jones would not do that to his followers. Too soon? Too ancient of a reference?

That is not her only favorite choice of a snack. Her other suggestion is to mix a bag of Doritos with one of Fritos and add two scoops of chili, some cheese, and jalapenos to it. That I am willing to try.

After listening to all of that, I so need a Tums. Especially because I just remembered I have all of the ingredients at home to make a Jolly Dill-aid. If you don’t hear from me anytime soon, assume I am at the hospital getting my poor stomach pumped.


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