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[ # ] The Rookie: Feds is giving police procedurals a much needed shot of fun
September 27th, 2022 under ABC, Niecy Nash

Police procedurals have become so serious, and that makes things more depressing. However, The Rookie: Feds is bringing some levity into the genre thanks to Niecy Nash’s huge upbeat personality. She is so likable that it sucks you in, and you don’t want to be set free.

The episode starts off with her graduating from the FBI Academy with Brendon Acres (Kevin Zegers). He is a former actor who decided to see the sunlight again. He is most known for playing Vampire Cop, and that works both for and against him.

The two of them are heading to LA to work with Matthew Garza’s (Feliz Solis) new unit. Garza started it because of the time he caught a terrorist with Simone Clark (Nash). When they get there, she finds out she will not be part of his team. Instead, she is going to work in background checks. Do you think she is going to take that lying down? Or should I say sitting in a chair? Of course not, so you have to see how she is going to wiggle her way into the unit.

The unit has two other agents. They are Laura Stensen (Britt Robertson). She is the observant profiler who is going through her own issues. However, you can’t tell because she is stoic.

Then there is Carter Hope (James Leisure), who wants a promotion, and he never seems to get one. He is a by-the-books guy, so he doesn’t like Simone, who is the complete opposite.

Something she got from her father (Frankie R. Faison). As happy as he is to have his daughter home, he doesn’t like her profession. They live in an area where cops are something to be feared, and not in a good way. He is going to keep his daughter grounded and remind her where she is from. And that makes her a better Fed in LA!

And there is not much I can say to make this show better because it is so much fun. Yeah, I said it, a police procedural can be fun. A big reason for that is that the cast already has a lot of chemistry, and the writing is more relaxed with a go big or go home mentality. So together, it all works. And I can see this show being around for a long time because people are going to love it. The genre has been needing something enjoyable like this for a while.


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