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[ # ] The passion between Superstore’s Ben Feldman & America Ferrera is undeniable
February 13th, 2020 under Superstore

Ever since Superstore debuted, Amy and Jonah have been the will they or won’t they couple on the show? Now that American Ferrera and Ben Feldman are getting it on on the sitcom, fans of the show don’t really feel their passion. Therefore, in honor of Valentine’s Day, the two actors shot a video to prove that even though they are married to other people in real life, there is a lot of sexual chemistry between them. Or maybe not? Now that they mention it, there are more like a couple who has been married long enough to be empty nesters as compared to one who is just starting out.

While they have been dating for a few seasons, Dina (Lauren Ash) is going to get some fresh meat tonight at 8p on NBC. The only problem he is a scam artist, and she has to bust him for it. Even though all she wants to do is a bust a move with him.

It is sweet to see her get some on Valentine’s Day. That is not the only sweet thing we are getting, the new bosses sent over a cereal bar for everyone to enjoy. What could go wrong? Let’s just say it does not go as badly as their call with the new CEO.

If that is not enough, then there is more. Garrett (Colton Dunn) and Glenn (Mark McKinney) have a heart-to-heart.

There is still more, but I cannot tell you everything. Therefore, you need to tune in to find out else what other trouble they get into tonight. Poor Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom).


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