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[ # ] The Next Great Burger is scrumptious!
July 21st, 2015 under Esquirer

If you are like me, then the only reason you are not a vegetarian is because you love hamburgers too much to give them up. There is nothing better than putting a big juicy piece of meat between your lips. When you go to a new restaurant, you have to try their burgers to see if it is the best one you’ve ever had. Well The Next Great Burger is going to help you find that perfect one every Tuesday at 10p on Esquire.
For the next 5 weeks, three chefs from different cooking backgrounds are going to make their best burger for 2 judges, Sullivan & Son’s Owen Benjamin and Chef Joseph “JJ” Johnson. Then when those two have them sampled them all, two contestants will move on and the third person goes home. Now the two remaining contestants have to make 60 burgers for the audience and those 60 people decide who moves on to the finals. The winner of the final round, in week six, will bring home $25,000. Which is pretty yummy price for a burger with no truffles.
The Next Great Burger is a fast moving show that never leaves you bored. In fact, it leaves you drooling and wanting a big bloody burger to sink your teeth into. I have been craving one since I saw the first episode. Actually not only am I craving a burger, I am craving the next episode of The Next Great Burger.
When I asked Owen Benjamin on Twitter, where can I get the best burger in Los Angeles; he told me I can get it at the Burger Lounge in Marina Del Rey. He knows his burgers, so I am going to trust his opinion. I will let you know if he is right. If he is wrong, then I might change my mind about this show. Joking.


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