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[ # ] The Mexican Pizza is back in stock at Taco Bell
September 14th, 2022 under Fast Food

Back in 1985, Taco Bell added the Mexican Pizza to its menu. And it remained a popular item until they pulled it in 2020.

Actually, it is still beloved. So much so that fans petitioned to bring it back. It worked because the fast food restaurant brought it back earlier this year.

Well, Taco Bell was not prepared for how many people were going to want it. Therefore, they ran out of ingredients and had to remove the item once again.

Well, it is finally back! At least for rewards members until September 15th. Then it is a free for all. Well, not free because it costs $4.99. And it is worth every penny.

While the pizza might not be free, the Bell’s musical starring Dolly Parton which is dedicated to it is. And it debuts Thursday at 5p.


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