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[ # ] The hugging toddlers do Ellen but don’t hug
September 18th, 2019 under Ellen DeGeneres

About two weeks ago, two 2-year-old toddlers took the world wide web by surprise. The best friends excitingly ran to each other and hugged like that they had not seen each other in decades. Since they are barely in their terrible 2’s decades was like 12 hours.

The heartwarming video of the African-American and White kids was seen by millions and millions of people. Of course, Ellen DeGeneres was one of them. Therefore, she flew the two of them out to LA with their parents. Which you knew she was going to do.

She wanted to recreate that moment, so she kept them apart until it was time for them to be on the show. Did she get what she wanted? There is a reason why they say don’t work with kids and animals. Little Maxwell was too shy to do it, while Finnigan decided to go around in circles when they were close.

Even though we did not get the money shot. They got some nice gifts. Shutterfly gave them $10,000 for college and the show gifted them mini-trucks to crash into each other with. They will be the coolest boys in Washinton Heights. Even Lin-Manuel Miranda’s kids will want to hang with them.

How did they meet? About a year ago, Finnigan’s parents were eating at a restaurant in the hood when Maxwell’s family came in. They asked if they could join them at the table and the six of them became fast friends who spend as much time as they can together.

However, they do not go to the same school. Although they get to take the same bus, so they get a little playtime in before they go to work.

Hopefully, they will be friends forever because we all need a friendship like that.


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