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[ # ] The Good Boys really are good boys!
August 12th, 2019 under Seth Rogen

Preteens Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon and Keith L. Williams are starring in Seth Rogen’s movie Good Boys. Since it is a Rogen film, it is not at all family-friendly. Yet, the child actors are sweet and innocent. At least they used to be.

For the movie, they had to learn a lot of things that are much more mature than they are and a bunch of new words. In fact, on the ride home, their moms would have to explain things to them. Noon went from not being able to say “c-r-a-p” at home to using much crappier words when he was at work. They got so familiar with the language, they were using it on set when they were not filming. That is when Tremblay’s dad stepped in and would not allow them to use it after the director yelled cut.

However, I bet you when the three boys were hanging with their friends, they taught them all the things they learned at the job. Who needs an education when you are getting that as an education. Actually, all kids need to stay in school. If not, you can grow up to be like me.

One of the good things about being 18, is that I can go see this movie on my own this Friday. I feel bad for all of the actors’ friends who will not be allowed to see it. That is unless they tell the ticket taker they are going to see The Lion King (Rogen’s other movie) and then sneak into this feature. Who else besides me used to do that all the time?


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