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[ # ] The funny reason why Law & Order had to stop filming
March 8th, 2022 under Anthony Anderson, Dick Wolf

Law & Order was filming in Manhattan, but they had to stop because of something that was happening in the background. What was it? A streaker? A fan? A real crime? None of the above.

A bus with an ad for the NBC show was passing by as Anthony Anderson and Jeffrey Donovan were shooting a scene. And they can’t have that air during broadcast.

Why? Because an eagle-eyed viewer will spot it, and it will go viral. Someone from my hometown saw the BX2 Express Bus in a scene of Dick Wolf procedural and posted it to our Riverdale group. If they can see Riverdale flash by in a second, imagine what the fans would do if they saw a poster for L&O?

Oh, and imagine what would’ve happened if no one caught that bus ad until that episode aired and the gaffe was all over social media? Dun-dun.


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