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[ # ] The Flash speeds its way into our hearts tonight!
October 7th, 2014 under DC Comics, The CW

Run, don’t walk home tonight, so that you don’t miss The Flash on The CW at 8p. This comic book drama is unlike the other ones on television and because it’s lighter so that everyone can enjoy it.
When Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was 11 years old, his mother was killed and his father was arrested for the murder. But his father didn’t do, some unnatural force did and no one believes him.
Ever since that day, Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) has raised him. I guess that influenced him because Barry now works as an assistant police forensic investigator. He is so smart and can solve almost anything. His intelligence leads him to him curiosity and that leads him to taking West’s daughter, Iris (Candice Patton), with him to STAR Labs so that they can watch the launch of the particle accelerator. When Iris’ bag is stolen with her laptop in it, he chases after the mugger but he is too slow. Instead of going back inside, he goes back home.
Something horrible happened at STAR Labs after they left and the particle accelerator blows up. Causing a force to encompass the whole city. Barry is struck by it, and rushed to the hospital.
Now nine months later, he finally awakes from his coma. He is a different man. He can run now much faster than a speeding bullet. In fact everything about him moves at the speed of light. He now has to figure out what happened to him. As he starts to learn about his new abilities, he is going to his power for good.
Barry is not alone, there are others who were effected by that force on that night. Unlike Barry, they are not using their new powers for good. So it is up to The Flash to fight them.
Will one man be able to do it on his own? We will have to tune in every Tuesday at 8p to find out.
The Flash is the only comic book series I can think of that leaves a smile on your face. Fans of the superhero will love this show, as well as people who don’t fully know his story. This is the type of show fathers can watch with their daughters and sons with their moms, and there aren’t that many shows that can say that like this one.


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