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July 30th, 2020 under Emmys, Jimmy Kimmel

The Emmys sent out a letter to the nominees telling them that this year’s event will be virtual according to Variety. As if anyone thought the Emmys were going to go on as is like they have in the past during the coronavirus pandemic.

Anyways, in the letter, they tell them they are going to bring the cameras to them on September 20th. They can dress up to the nines, or they can wear PJs. They can go live from their house or somewhere else. They don’t have to worry about looking good because they will handle that too. All they have to do is prepare to go live when it comes time for them to accept their award.

That makes me wonder if they are going to do that for all of the nominees or just the winners? I think it sucks to be the latter. Imagine you are waiting for the call that they are going to set up at your location, and they never show. At least, they will know they lost ahead of time, unlike Jimmy Kimmel who still has to host even though he will lose again. Awkward.

Seriously, I really feel bad for the losers who don’t get the 5-star treatment. When it comes to the ones, who will get the treatment and lose, at lease they can shut the feed off and drown their sorrows in wine and ice cream immediately. They don’t have to sit there in their clothes that are too tight and cry on the inside. They can cry in their homes with their loved ones. Unless they don’t have anyone else like Jennifer Aniston and have to cry all by themselves. Now, I am actually sad for her. Over it.

Just like I am over this year’s Emmys that completely ignored Amazon’s Hunters and NBC’s Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.

To read the letter they sent out, then

Dear Nominees,

The producers of Emmys 2020 congratulate you on this incredible recognition of your work.

We’re delighted and honored to be producing the event on September 20th and have every intention of not only making sure that it is not compromised by this crazy moment in our lives, but that it is the most memorable Emmys ever and that you have a wonderful night. As you’ve probably guessed, we’re not going to be asking you to come to the Microsoft Theatre in downtown LA on September 20th. This year, it’s still going to be TV industry’s biggest night out… but we’ll come to you!

At a time like this, we’re taking the opportunity to create a moment that is more relaxed, more entertaining, more enjoyable not only for you, but for the millions watching at home. It’s still television’s highest honor, and we never want to lose the significance of being nominated for, and maybe winning, an Emmy, but we’re going to do in a way that is appropriate to the moment (and guarantees you a memorable night).

But we cannot ignore the circumstances, and aside from NOT being able to come together in one place, we also acknowledge that our world is going through a challenging moment in many ways. We’ll be producing an event that is filled with warmth and humanity, which celebrates the power of television to bring us together and to help us shape our world. You are an essential part of that story.

So, what does this all mean for September 20th?

We are assembling a top notch team of technicians, producers and writers to work closely with Jimmy Kimmel and with you and your team, to make sure that we can film with you (and loved ones or whomever else you choose to be with) at your home, or another location of your choice. We’re going to make you look fabulous – we’re exploring the cutting edge of technology to allow to use good cameras and lighting and look forward to working with you to produce your unique “on screen” moments.

So, what are you wearing??? Our informal theme for the night is “come as you are, but make an effort!”

If you want to be in formal wear, we’d love that, but equally if you’re in the UK and it’s 3am, perhaps you want to be in designer pajamas and record from your bed! We want to work with you to style your moments, but want you to guide us on your levels of comfort – where you want to be, who you want to be with, what you want to wear etc.

In the forthcoming days, Jen Proctor, our Talent Producer and her extraordinary team at Cultivated Entertainment will be reaching out to you to start talking through the details.

Once again, congratulations.

With respect and admiration,

Jimmy Kimmel, Ian Stewart, Reggie Hudlin, Guy Carrington and David Jammy

Executive Producers, 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards


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