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June 5th, 2022 under Prime Video

The Boys are back in town on Prime Video, and they are out for blood. Well, not that they are, but the producers are, so be prepared to see it. Lots of it.

There is so much that happens, and you need to enjoy it by watching it and not me telling you about it. What I will tell you is that this season starts off a year after the last one left off.

The Boys has disbanded, but Butcher (Karl Urban) is still hunting down Supes. Hughie (Jack Quaid) has a real job, and he is still dating Starlight (Erin Moriarty), who is still part of what is left of the Seven. However, they are looking for replacements. And they might want to replace Homelander (Anthony Starr), who is losing it.

He needs to go, but how do you get rid of someone who is indestructible? You find the one Supe who can do it, even though Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) is dead. Or is he? I can’t tell you that, but I can tell you are not going to want to miss the beginning of episode 4 on Friday.

I can also tell you that the first death of the season is one you will not be forgetting anytime soon. I still can’t unsee it. So I know you want to watch it to find out what I am talking about. Well, that and to watch a show where the superheroes are the villains.


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