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June 3rd, 2022 under Sports figures

The Cubs played the St Louis Cardinals yesterday, and neither team struck out more than an asshole usher at Wrigley Field. That is because there were some fans building a beer pyramid, and I guess the usher didn’t like it. So he walked over and knocked it down. Talk about being a literal buzzkill. I mean, they worked so hard to build it up that high, and then Godzasshole comes over and knocks it down. That is so cruel.

Yet, after watching the video over and over again, I don’t know if I am mad at him because, in his defense, that had to be so much fun to do. That is, if he knows how to have fun.

Oh, and technically, he is not the asshole of the day. That title goes to Ron DeSantis every day. He actually tried to fine the Special Olympics $27.5 million because they had a vaccine mandate, according to ABC News. People with Down Syndrome are highly susceptible to the virus and thus need to be protected against COVID-19. So this is just another example of how un-Christlike he is. If anyone dies because of it, then he has even more blood on his hands. How much more does he need?


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