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[ # ] Surviving the In Laws proves it’s so funny because it’s so true!
July 31st, 2013 under DIscovery Networks/Discovery+

Tonight at 10p you are going to want to watch Surviving the In Laws on TLC because it will make you appreciate your loved ones parents so much more.
STIL is TLC’s first scripted show, but it is based on true stories from people with horrible In Laws. For example a husband’s in laws move in for what they say is a week and they stay for over a month. Things got so bad they have to find a way to get rid off them, but how do you do that and how will they react? But that isn’t all, one woman has to deal with her future father-in-law, mother-in-law and step-mother-in-law and they are ruining her wedding plans. Things get so bad that the bride breaks down in tears during her wedding rehearsal. Will they become her in laws or will she get out of the marriage just in time? Then there is the couple who made the mistake of letting his parents look after their kid, and they turn the sweet little boy into a holy terror. Will the grandparents be able to see their grandson ever again or will they be banned from him forever.
So tonight when you look at your loved one’s parents, watch this show and be happy they are not as bad the ones featured on this show. And if they are then you can tell TLC your story and maybe they will have actors act it out for dramatic effect for season 2.


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