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[ # ] Is Gale Harold working as a waiter now?
July 31st, 2013 under Queer As Folk

So there is a new video out and it is showing Gale Harold working as a waiter. So is the Queer As Folk hottie now serving people food for living? Nope he was just showing off his comedic side in the very funny bit Cafe Attitude on Funny Or Die.
Back when he was on The Secret Circle, I attended a press event with him and I couldn’t get over how naturally funny he was. So I asked him why he hasn’t done a comedy yet and he asked me if I had a script for him. I didn’t, but I am glad whoever wrote this bit did. I am happy that people can finally see this side of his sense of humor, like I did that day.
I want more comedy from him because who doesn’t love hearing him say in a NY accent (that turned me so on), “That’s funny, that’s what I said to my girlfriend last night in bed” when the Vegan said, “I won’t eat anything with a face!” It is our way of us hearing him talk dirty, something we don’t normally hear come out of his mouth. Let’s be real ladies, how many of us would take him any way we can in bed even if he didn’t do that thing he says he doesn’t do.
Now when it comes to where I would rather eat, Cafe Attitude or Cafe Graditude; the first one of course. Not because he would be waiting on every one of my needs, but that is so much more my style. Where would you prefer to eat?


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