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[ # ] Sunny Hostin walks back her Whoopi Goldberg farting comments
May 9th, 2023 under Andy Cohen, The View

The other day, Sunny Hostin was on Watch What Happens Live, and Andy Cohen asked her who farts the most on The View. And she said it was Whoopi Goldberg.

Yesterday when the host was on Andy Cohen’s radio show, they talked about the fallout of that comment that broke wind all over the internet.

Hostin said that Whoopi confronted her about it and wanted to know why she did her dirty like that.

Sunny then explained her confusion on why she thought Whoopi was like a Whoopie cushion. And by doing so, she threw Sarah Haines under the bus.

Haines likes to have three cups of water with her at the table because she has a weak bladder. So she is constantly drinking out of those cups. Therefore, when she moves the mugs, it makes a noise that sounds like a fart. And Whoopi was taking credit for that sound, even though it wasn’t her.

Do you buy that? The only thing I buy is that Sunny is the new Meghan McCain of The View.


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