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[ # ] Stevie Nicks says her Barbie doll has her heart
October 2nd, 2023 under Barbie

Stevie Nicks joins Tina Turner and Gloria Estefan as the latest Rock Icon to get her own Barbie doll. In honor of the release, the Fleetwood Mac singer revealed the emotions that she went through accepting Mattle’s offer to bring her likeness to a Barbie.

My Stevie @Barbie has been with me now for several months. When Mattel came to me asking if I would like to have a Barbie made in the “Rumours” cover style I was very overwhelmed. Of course I questioned “would she look like me? Would she have my spirit? Would she have my heart…” When I look at her, I see my 27 year old self~ All the memories of walking out on a big stage in that black outfit and those gorgeous boots come rushing back~ and then I see myself now in her face. What we have been through since 1975~ the battles we have fought, the lessons we have learned~ together. I am her and she is me. She absolutely has my heart.

Thank you Mattel for working with me to make Stevie Barbie so pretty and so soulful and so real; she means the world to me!

The beautiful doll is wearing the black dress she wore on the album cover of Rumors, and she comes with Nicks’ signature golden moon necklace, tall black boots, and a tambourine with cascading ribbons.

Rumours was the height of the band’s success, so Mattle could not have picked a better moment to capture Nicks for an eternity. Seriously, I look at the photo, and I can hear her singing Dreams.

Don’t wait too long to get her because they only made a limited amount of the Stevie Barbie.


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