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[ # ] Some of the Happy Days cast reunited to talk about the show
April 3rd, 2018 under 70s, Marion Ross, Reunions

Marion Ross, or as we know her as Mrs C, was on Today today to talk about her memoir My Days: Happy and Otherwise. In the book, she revealed some secrets about the show, and they wanted to talk to her to about it. But they did not want her to do it alone, so they brought on Anson Williams and Donny Most to surprise her. It has been 44 years since they became a family on TV, and they still act like one. To me, it is chemistry like that, which is why we are still talking about the show and watching it in syndication.

Back to the secrets. For the first few years of the show, the 89-year-old actress (Doesn’t she look amazing for her age?) and her TV husband, the late Tom Bosley, did not get along. She speculates that he wanted someone else to play her role and that is why he was resistant to her at first. As time went on, they grew to love each other like the couple we watch on our small screens.

She wasn’t the only one revealing behind the scenes secrets. Anson Williams shared with the host that they shot a pilot for the sitcom a year earlier and it did not go. Due to the success of the movie American Graffiti and Grease on Broadway, the network decided to give it a second go. There was only one problem, they were not sure if Williams and Ron Howard were too old to play their roles. Both actors had to re-audition for their roles as Potsie and Richie Cunningham respectively. As we know, they once again landed their parts.

What about Ralph Malph? Most says that his character was not in the original script. The actor says that he gave such a great audition for Potsie, they created Ralph Malph just for him.

Three things you never knew about the show you thought you knew everything about. I don’t know about you, but I love learning things like this.


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