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November 5th, 2009 under Desperate Housewives

(photo © ABC)

So ONTD posted some interesting casting for the Desperate Housewives episode after the plane crash episode.

[CELIA SOLIS AT 10 YEARS OLD] Gaby and Carlos’ youngest daughter (played by Daniella Baltodano), about 5 years older than she currently appears on the show…CO-STAR;
[CELIA AT 18 YEARS OLD] She’s grown into a somewhat plain, average teenager (neither skinny nor too plump)…CO-STAR; SEE ATTACHED PHOTO
[CELIA AT 28 – 30 YEARS OLD] The same, only 10-12 years older than her 18 year old self…CO-STAR; SEE ATTACHED PHOTO
[MJ DELFINO AT 30 – 32 YEARS OLD] Susan and Mike’s blond, blue-eyed son (played as a child by Mason Vale Cotton), he’s in his early 30s…CO-STAR;
[PATRICK (AGE 8)] An 8 year old Caucasian boy with CEREBRAL PALSY…CO-STAR. Submit actors with or without Cerebral Palsy
[PATRICK (AGE 25)] Caucasian. The same character with Cerebral Palsy at 25, he is graduating from Law School and gives the commencement speech…CO-STAR. Submit actors with or without Cerebral Palsy

Hmmm, I wonder what that is all about? ONTD thinks it could be that they are killed in the crash which could be a good guess, but seriously killing kids is bad TV. They also think that Patrick could be one of Lynette’s unborn twins, so does that mean she miscarries? Or could it be that the fan favorite that dies shows what life would’ve been like had they not died? Or could it be that Susan, Gaby and Lynette picture how their kids will grow up, but why would Gaby only picture one of her daughters? I am stumped and curious. What do you think the writers of Desperate Housewives have up their sleeves?


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