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[ # ] Simon Cowell was offered $150,000 to judge a couple having sex
February 25th, 2022 under Seth Meyers, Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is one of the most famous reality show judges in the world. Therefore, it would make sense that people would stop and ask him to judge them doing things.

Yesterday when he was on Late Night, he told Seth Meyers about the strangest request he has ever gotten. The King of Mean said a couple came up to him at a restaurant and offered him $150,000 to judge them having sex. Did he say yes? “Stupidly said no,” then he had a message for the couple, “If you’re watching, I’ll do it.”

I guess he needs the money to pay off his medical bills. He broke his back in 2020 while riding an electric bike. Then earlier this month, he broke his arm doing the same activity. And that is not going to stop him because as soon as he is better, he is going to get back on the bike. Even though, as he admitted he is not very good at it.

What he is good at is finding talent. So much so his son, Eric, 8, is listening to One Direction. And believe it or not, the kid doesn’t even know his dad discovered and signed them.

So which footsteps does Cowell want his son to follow in, his or 1D’s? The proud dad said he is training his son “to be on his side of the desk.” Mostly because he would never want to judge his son and find out Eric isn’t that good.

While Cowell doesn’t want his son to know rejection, Cowell experienced rejection that changed how his life turned out. Back when he was 17, he applied for a job as a runner on The Shining. However, Stanley Kubrick didn’t hire him. Months later, when Cowell’s dad ran into the director, he asked him why. Kubrick said he didn’t know it was his son and offered him the job. However, Cowell got a job in the mail department at EMI. And the rest is history.

Could you imagine if he got the job on The Shining? Then we might not have ever heard of him, and I would be writing about someone else now.


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