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[ # ] Simon Cowell is writing children’s books
February 24th, 2020 under Books, Simon Cowell

We have all pictured Simon Cowell doing a lot of things, and I don’t think any of us imagined him as an author of children’s books. Come spring of 2021, that will be on his resume.

The television mogul announced today that he and his son Eric are releasing a 7-book series called Wishfits with Hachette Children’s Group. The Wishfits are a combination of two animals like the DAT (dog/cat) the COG (cat/dog), the SNOG (snail/dog – the enthusiasm of a dog at the speed of a snail), the PEEP (pig/sheep) the CHUG (cheetah/slug – the slowest cat in the world), the HIPPOROO (hippo/kangaroo), the CHIMPANPOO (chimpanzee/poodle), the POLARBAT (polar bear/bat), the CROCOPUSS (crocodile/cat), the SHIGER (sheep/tiger – the most nervous cat in the world), the SPIKEY (spider/donkey) and many, many more.

The father and son have been working on this concept for three years, or half of Eric’s life.

Part of the proceeds of the books will be donated to Shooting Star Children’s Hospices and Together For Short Lives. Who knew the King of Mean was such a big softie?

The best part of the press release is the 6-year-old’s bio, “Eric’s favourite things to do are reading stories, he loves going to school and playing with his friends. Eric also loves animals, swimming, go-karting and jet ski-ing together with his dad Simon amongst other adventures. Eric’s dad is Simon Cowell, his mum is Lauren Silverman and Eric also has an older brother Adam Silverman (14).” His bio is more impressive at 6 than mine is now.

Back to the papa bear, does he believe that hybrid animals exist? He wrote, “My gut feeling is that some of these WISHFITS actually exist…somewhere!” Every time our dog humped our cats, we really thought that one day we were going to have a dat or cog. There was only one problem, they were all males, so no puttens or kippies for us. At least not in the real world.


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